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RAW FED AND NERDY was created in response to the growing concern regarding the lack of nutritional guidelines being considered when raw feeding. Raw Fed and Nerdy is science based raw feeding. RFN is primarily a Facebook Group Community for those feeding raw and wishing to collaborate with other raw feeders utilizing specific nutritional guidelines of dogs and cats, and venture away from pop-cultural raw feeding guidelines and hardcore ratio antics. Raw feeders using nutrient guidelines face unique challenges. As a community driven group, we bring together science based sources for nutritional excellency. Raw Fed and Nerdy also provides education in cooked, homemade diets and education in commercial food selection.

All admins are enrolled in or have taken pet nutrition courses and actively work in science based raw feeding.

We are a small, motivated, community driven, and well researched group.

Offical RFN Formulation Sheet

RAW FED AND NERDY is excited to release the official formulation sheet created by member Jenny Ryoo with direct member feedback. The RFN formulation sheet browser based and works on many different platforms.

Audit nutrient levels in your raw diets for both cats and dogs. Usable on both Mac and Windows.

RFN Animal Nutrition Course

RAW FED AND NERDY flagship course that is offerred free or name your price. The course that has helped thousands of pet owners formulate diets using nutrient requirements.

Take your nutrition understanding to the next level. Written and updated by nutrition professionals.

Offical RFN Pack Formulation Sheet

RAW FED AND NERDY is excited to release the official PACK formulation sheet created by member Jenny Ryoo with direct member feedback. This allows you to apply one recipe to multiple pets.

Audit nutrient levels in your raw diets for multiple cats and multiple  dogs. Usable on both Mac and Windows.


Offical RFN Puppy Formulation Package

RAW FED AND NERDY is excited to release the official PUPPY formulation sheet created by member Jenny Ryoo with direct member feedback. This package also comes with a nutrition module by Dr. Charley Gray. 

The package also comes with a year access to the Raw Fed & Nerdy Puppy Facebook Member Group. Access permitted after passing the free exam linked here.

PSST! Care about human nutrition?

Now introducing a side project for members of the Raw Fed & Nerdy Human Support group on Facebook: ELYP. Eat Like Your Pet. Formulation sheet for humans! Check out ELYP over here!

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New Members Start Here

Please take the time to read about us, rules, and frequently asked questions. Then follow the steps to begin learning to raw feed using nutrient requirements.

Full Course

The Official Raw Fed & Nerdy Full Course provides in-depth education surrounding raw and cooked diets for dogs and cats. Now available for $0 and up (“Name Your Price”). Click here.

Quick Start | Learn to Feed Raw

This is a quick start guide to get adjusted to using nutrient requirements. Click here.

Get Help

If you would like to request a free one-on-one Q and A with Savannah Welna, click here.


What is an Obligate Carnivore?

What is an Obligate Carnivore?

Written by Bonnie Edkin   The term “obligate carnivore” comes up repeatedly in online social media cat groups. There are a lot of misunderstandings about what the term means. Here is some clarification regarding what an obligate carnivore is and what that means...

Vitamin C and Dogs

Vitamin C and Dogs

Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN | 4/16/2020What is It? Vitamin C is considered a non-essential nutrient for dogs and is water soluble. Because of de novo synthesis, dogs do not require this nutrient to be provided in their diet. If you have been around Raw Fed & Nerdy...



What is Chloride? Chloride, simply put, is chlorine when chlorine gains an electron. Chlorine on its own at room temperature is a diatomic element that exists as a highly corrosive gas. However, because chlorine only needs one electron to complete its octet, it...



What Does Raw Fed & Nerdy Spend Money On?It is not unusual to hear that Raw Fed & Nerdy is in it in it for the money. However, the vast majority of content is available for free and free content is added constantly. Our premium content consists of the...

Do Dogs Need Carbs?

Do Dogs Need Carbs?

No.   Many people claim that Raw Fed and Nerdy says that "dogs need carbs" and that we don't support fresh food. This is absolute nonsense. It is extremely clear in the Fall Course (and How to Feed Raw Link) as well as the FAQ page (which members agree to read...

Food or Supplements

Food or Supplements

Quite often, we are accused of valuing supplements over whole food sources or even “fear mongering.” After all- for every nutrient, there is a whole food that provides it. When possible, nutrient needs should absolutely be met using whole foods. There is more in bones...

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Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN created the group after being inspired by professionals in the field as well as recognized need for raw feeding groups based on nutrition science. She understands raw feeding has its own unique nutritional challenges (bones, for example). She wants you to know that it is through the encouragement of many others that RFN was created in the first place. Despite creating the group, she hopes you recognize the value each admin and member contributes. This is not the Savannah Welna show.

Savannah lives in Montana with her husband Luke and her dog Luca. She does animal rescue for Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue and has done animal rescue work for 5 years.

Savannah also works independently at Feed Thy Dog where she works with proactive and therapeutic cases (sick and healthy dogs), using raw and cooked diets,  and provides in-depth recipe analysis. She also provides feedback for those feeding their dog a homemade diet.

Savannah shows her care for companion animal health by providing free assistance and ongoing support in the Raw Fed & Nerdy, free of charge, ALWAYS. To sign up for a one on one Q and A session,  you can email her at savannah@feedthydog.com with your request.


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