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Savannah Welna created the group after being inspired by professionals in the field and a recognized need for raw feeding groups based on nutrition science. She wants you to know that it is through the encouragement of many others that RFN was created in the first place. Savannah highly values the entire admin team and the wonderful members who make RFN the fantastic resource that is is.

Savannah recognizes that meat, bones, and organs build the foundation for many healthy animals. She heavily values the use of traditional whole foods.



Southern Illinois University Canine & Feline Nutrition

Certificate Canine and Feline Nutrition including hands-on clinical formulations.


Advanced Canine Nutrition (Cert. ACN)

Certificate Advanced Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute (Includes Cert. CN)


Advanced Canine Fitness (Cert. ACF)

Certificate Advanced Canine Fitness- Companion Animal Sciences Institute (Includes Cert. CF)

Foundations in Herbal Medicine

Foundations in Herbal Medicine- Medicine Lodge Ranch with Dr. Low Dog

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  • Organic Chemistry Helena College
  • Biochemistry Helena College
  • Associate of Arts Montana State University
  • Canine Studies (Oxford Learning College)
  • Canine Anatomy and Physiology (Etraining for Dogs)
  • Canine Aanatomy and Physiology (Canine Principles)


I (Charley) am dedicated to education and nutrition in RAW feeding. With so many benefits to a well balanced raw diet, and as a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS), I am committed to keeping abreast of and contributing to continued research into RAW feeding.


University of Cambridge, Department of Veterinary Medicine


Jeanne studied at Fordham University in New York. Her background with animals is through working in shelters and running a kennel. She is currently enrolled in The Basics of Canine Nutrition and Formulation full cert courses from The Possible Canine. She is also enrolled in all of the tutorials there. Her dog is the center of her life and she is dedicated to learning all that she can to give her the best life possible. Nutritional science is a huge part of that and she is actively pursuing further education in the field to not only benefit her dog but the lives of others. Nothing matters more to her than that!

Basics of Canine Nutrition

Basics of Canine Nutrition- The Possible Canine

Canine Diet Formulation

Canine Diet Formulation- The Possible Canine


Victoria Koay became interested in canine nutrition after finding her dog Oreo was sensitive to everything available in the market. She felt the gap in her knowledge when none of the feeding methods available to the general population of dog owners addressed the questions – what nutrients are fed? And what else is missing? 
She was extremely excited to have stumbled upon the NRC method in 2016, and since taking the plunge into learning the requirements and the formulation method, there was absolutely no turning back! 
Victoria has been a member of RFN since the group was formed in 2018, and she continues to enjoy learning from everyone in the group. 
Victoria and Oreo live in sunny Singapore. In the day, Victoria works as an elementary school teacher and at night, she is an avid student of canine nutrition and animal aromatherapy. She is a certified aromatherapist from Aromahead Institute and has attained a Cert. CN from Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) and completed the Diet Formulation course through The Possible Canine. She is currently pursuing certification in animal aromatherapy with Kelly Holland Azzaro, founder and director of the Holistic Animal Aromatherapy Association and past president of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, and is looking to start the Advanced Canine Nutrition Certificate (Cert. ACN) by July 2019.


Canine Nutrition- (Cert. CN)

Certificate Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute


Basics of Canine Nutrition

Basics of Canine Nutrition- The Possible Canine


Certificate Canine Diet Formulation

Canine Diet Formulation- The Possible Canine


Certified Aromatherapist

Certified Aromatherapist- Aromahead Institute

Certification Animal Aromatherapy

Practical Herbalism

Practical Herbalism- The Possible Canine


My educational background and professional work experience are in two fields – chemistry and nutrition. I have had my own wellness business since the 1980s. That initially started out as a supplement business, but expanded to doing nutrition consultations for clients when I got my diploma in nutrition. In addition to having worked as an environmental chemist, I’ve also done consulting work for some laboratories in our area. One of those labs hired me to help them set up their QA/QC program so they could become certified to analyze dietary supplements. An organic farm hired me to set up a program to analyze the effect of different compost materials had on the nutrient content of their produce. At this stage of my life, I’m currently doing nutritional and environmental consulting on a part-time basis.

My husband and I have 7 cats and a flock of organic laying hens. I’ve been raw feeding our cats for over 10 years. My initial interest in raw feeding happened because of a health issue with one of our cats, which raw feeding has helped! I started out, like many raw feeders, as a ‘ratio feeder.’ However, I’ve always added supplements to the food I make for my cats because I had concerns about meeting their nutritional needs from food alone. That often put me at odds with other ratio feeders in other cat groups, and I was really glad to find this group. As one of the admins here recently me, “you are home.”

In addition to our cats and our flock, my other personal interests include organic gardening, milking and making cheese, fermenting vegetables, sewing and fiber arts, and reading. I do a lot of canning, freezing & dehydrating to preserve the foods I grow. Oh, and I like to eat.

Admin Note: Bonnie Edkin is a wonderful addition to our admin team. You can see much of the useful content she has written in the RFN facebook group by searching for  “#edkineducates” Thank you for being a part of our team.


Jenny started raw feeding in 2016 with her first cat. Like many others, she began as a ratio feeder, but had doubts over the popular concepts of balancing over time with variety. Eventually she found her way to RFN in Nov 2018 found her raw feeding home! She now uses NRC balanced diets for 3 different species (dogs, cats and fancy mice) at home.

Jenny developed the RFN Formulation Spreadsheet in May 2019 as a tool to make formulation easier for pet owners. With the help of the group and some awesome people, it has developed into great formulation tool. She is always happy to answer questions about the spreadsheet in the group or via email at jenny@bettercellsnutrition.com.

Jenny lives with a dog, two cats, three mice and her human, Steve. She works at the Humane Society of MO and as a dog trainer for fear and aggression.

BA in Psychology

2016 from Washington University in St. Louis

Cert. CN

Certificate Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Certificate Canine Diet Formulation

Canine Diet Formulation- The Possible Canine

Alicia Boemi

I’m Alicia, a holistic canine nutrition professional, Canine Massage & Kinesiology Therapist, and dog mom. I’m very passionate about nutrition and complimentary holistic dog care including massage, aromatherapy, and herbs. My goal is to give dog parents tools and resources to be proactive and feel reassured in their dog’s health journey.


Pet Nutrition Coach Certification

North American Veterinary Community

Nutrition & Herbs for Canine Conditions

SIU Companion Animal Nutrition Diploma

Southern Illinois University, Accepted- Starting Fall 2020

Canine Diet Formulation Certificate

The Possible Canine

Basics of Canine Nutrition

The Possible Canine


Lauren Bay joined RFN in its infancy back in February of 2018 when she was first diving into the world of raw feeding and got in contact with Savannah and took one of the first variations of Savannah’s canine nutrition crash course.
Lauren enjoys math, and is always available to help convert tricky supplement labels to easier to read formats, as well as help with RMB math.

Lauren lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, Dylan and dog, Suzy. She attended Colorado State University where she got degrees in Computer Science and Applied Statistics. She works as a systems software engineer but is completing Canine Nutrition and Diet Formulation courses through The Possible Canine.

Basics of Canine Nutrition

Basics of Canine Nutrition- The Possible Canine

Canine Diet Formulation

Canine Diet Formulation- The Possible Canine


Pierre-Olivier is firstly, a passionate owner of multiple dogs that grew a huge interest in nutrition. While trying to better understand the fundamentals of canine nutrition, he stumbled upon and joined Raw Fed & Nerdy in spring 2018. His thirst for scientific knowledge got him to make many friends and acquaintances in this field of expertise.

Pierre-Olivier lives with his wife Sophie (veterinarian) in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. They run (part time) a foster home / shelter for rescued animals with health problems. They share their daily life with 6 dogs and even more (!) cats. Pierre-Olivier has an academic background in psychology & education (college degree) and is actually completing Canine Nutrition Certification from Companion Animal Science Institute (CASI). He works as a sports educator and owns a distribution company (frozen meat & raw meaty bones) which also offers pro-active diet formulation for adult dogs. One of Pierre-Olivier mains goal is to make canine scientific nutrition more available to the general French Canadian community.

Canine Nutrition (Cert. CN)

Certificate Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Raw Fed & Nerdy was created in just 2018 in response to pop-culture nutrition websites and raw feeding groups who focuses on STRICTLY ratio diets (no nutritional analysis), fancy ratio calculators, and overall nutrition myths and fail to take into consideration the actual nutrient needs of dogs and cats resulting in the harm of companion animals.

Our Mission is as Follows


Supply Knowledge Freely

All materials posted are free of charge and the group operates on a donation basis. 

We share knowledge to aid in correct nutritional understanding for the safety of companion animals.


Knowledge is not wielded as a weapon.

We are not focused on a brand or earning money.

Teach & Support Others

Members in the group are encouraged to support and not belittle other members. 

We understand that many are having to”un-learn” and many are diving in with no experience at all. Some are professionals with decades of experience. Some have degrees. Some are average pet owners.

Learners and teachers of all backgrounds are welcome.


Support Science

Raw Fed & Nerdy is heavily concerned with raw feeding pop-culture. Much of which encourages dog and cat owners to rely on ratios to feed their dog with NO nutrients being taken in to consideration. (Ratio diets are welcome! We just think that nutritional needs should be considered in addition)

Despite how easy raw feeding calculators are, RFN provides tools and resources supported by science- which compliments popular approaches nicely.