NRC Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats


There are several nutrient guidelines to choose from. These are the NRC Nutrient Guidelines of Dogs and Cats from the 2006 publication.

The NRC has provided nutrient requirements for cats per 1000/kcal. That means they have defined how many nutrients are needed within the amount of calories being consumed. Don’t worry, we have a handy calculator that we will share in this section.

The NRC has provided nutrient requirements for dogs per 1000/kcal and also per metabolic weight. The per 1000 kcal guidelines should only be used for dogs eating high level of kcals! (130 x metabolic weight and higher. Read more here) The calculators below use the metabolic weight method, appropriate for the majority of companion dogs. 

We also have formulation sheets that utilize these guidelines. This is a must any homemade diet, including PMR and BARF diets as these diets do not meet NRC guidelines without proper formulation. These sheets show you the nutrient analysis of the foods your pet is eating next to their nutrient requirements.

Please visit the raw feeding short guide for more information on how to use these requirements.

The NRC requirements for puppies is complex and is their use is suitable for advanced users.. If you are new, consider hiring a professional. If you have experience formulating, consider our puppy course that teaches how to use these requirements (and comes with a formulation tool).



The NRC Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats can be purchaced at the following: