Raw Fed &  Nerdy provides NRC balanced, downloadable recipes (for adult, healthy dogs). What makes these different than any other internet recipe?

-Each formulation provides correctly formatted data that integrates seamlessly into the RFN Formulation sheets. This means each formulation can be further customized as needed.

-Each formulation uses NRC metabolic weight method when determining nutrient goals. NRC recipes that rely only on the nutrients per 1000 kcal do not consider nutrient density. When the nutrient goals were determined per 1000 kcal, the dogs used tend to eat more kcal for maintenance than most house pets today The fewer kcal a dog eats, the more nutrient dense the formulation must be.

Determine Your Dog’s Energy Range

RFN uses the equation:

Metabolic Weight x Energy Multiplier = Kcal Goal

This determines the energy and nutrient density of each formulation.

Ranges: 80-95, 95-110, 110-130, 130+

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When you download the recipe you wish to use, simply select the energy range needed. There are tools provided in each download that will scale the recipe to your dog’s weight and specific kcal requirement.


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Cooked or Raw
With or Without Bone
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