Raw Fed & Nerdy Pre-Puppy Exam

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Puppy formulation must be addressed with extreme care and knowledge. When we miss the mark on an adult diet- say with zinc- we can typically reverse the damage done. With puppies, nutrients that are no provided at acceptable levels from appropriate ingredients for each breed means that missing the mark can cause irreversible damage. 

When in doubt, do work with a professional.

We do understand that many will choose for formulate for their own puppy and we want to supply those tools and education so that RFN members can do so with the best education possible. That being said, to be permitted to purchase the puppy tools, we ask that members first put in the work to develop a strong background in canine nutrition. This course is meant for those who have already done this work and this exam helps us make sure that the tools end up in the hands of those who can safely use them. This exam is not meant to provide trick questions. Rather, the exam seeks to ask questions require answers stemming from experience in formulating and integrative thinking. Thank you so much for understanding!

Passing requires a 75%. All questions are on a pass/fail basis.

You may take the test again with approval from Savannah Welna. To re-take the test, please email at savannah@feedthydog.com. Please do not hesitate to do so. I understand that sometimes we make silly mistakes from misreading etc. on online exams.

The exam is graded automatically after you submit. A pass score will allow you to purchase the puppy formulation sheet and learning module. This can be purchased here.

IMPORTANT: If you have any disabilities that require a different exam, please do not hesitate to email me at savannah@feedthydog.com