A Nutritional Approach to Raw Feeding

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There are 101 “guides” to raw feeding. The seemingly endless amount of information can leave many feeling overwhelmed.

This course aims to be different. While it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed starting, remember that nobody knew everything 100% right away. This course is a journey and not a weekend project. I have tried to organize information in a way that allows the “student” to navigate gracefully through lessons. Students brand new can start at lesson one. Students who are further in the game can jump around to wherever they see fit.

A core value at Raw Fed & Nerdy is to use nutritional guidelines when feeding companion animals. This course and the group in general utilizes nutrition science. We will go in to more detail in the introductory module of this course for reasons we value using nutritional guidelines vs. ratios etc.

The course has videos, text, pdfs, etc. With lots of media, there are bound to be technical issues. Please email me at savannah@feedthydog.com  or use the contact instructor button if you have any issues.

The course overview can be found below.

You should know that this course contains much more information about dogs than cats. Much of this is still applicable to cats, but not all. I am working on feline studies very soon and hope to contribute more. I must work at one thing at a time. There are highly knowledgeable group members who are quite knowledgeable about felines.


The first 7 modules focus on information. Nutrient requirements and formulation will come AFTER as they are created.

Unless indicated, this course was written by Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN, Cert. ACF from Feed Thy Dog



Savannah Welna created the group after being inspired by professionals in the field and a recognized need for raw feeding groups based on nutrition science. She wants you to know that it is through the encouragement of many others that RFN was created in the first place. Savannah highly values the entire admin team and the wonderful members who make RFN the fantastic resource that is is.

Savannah recognizes that meat, bones, and organs build the foundation for many healthy animals. She heavily values the use of traditional whole foods.



Southern Illinois University Canine & Feline Nutrition

Certificate Canine and Feline Nutrition including hands-on clinical formulations.


Advanced Canine Nutrition (Cert. ACN)

Certificate Advanced Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute (Includes Cert. CN)


Advanced Canine Fitness (Cert. ACF)

Certificate Advanced Canine Fitness- Companion Animal Sciences Institute (Includes Cert. CF)

Foundations in Herbal Medicine

Foundations in Herbal Medicine- Medicine Lodge Ranch with Dr. Low Dog

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  • Organic Chemistry Helena College
  • Biochemistry Helena College
  • Associate of Arts Montana State University
  • Canine Studies (Oxford Learning College)
  • Canine Anatomy and Physiology (Etraining for Dogs)
  • Canine Aanatomy and Physiology (Canine Principles)