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Friends, I am not a nutritionist!​ I am a regular raw feeder like you. I am not a professional. I am a  student. This video is for an adult healthy dog in maintenance. I made this just to bring  awareness and get the feeder going in the direction of nutrition. ​PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS  VIDEO BY DOWNLOADING OR SHARING USERS. You can share my contact, but PLEASE PLEASE do not share this video. I can SEE when people do this. It is very frustrating.​

1. I do not want  it in the hands of somebody adversarial. That is not who this video is for.

2. I want to know who  is using my content and persons should read this disclaimer.

If you want to seek out a professional- by all means PLEASE DO. Cat Lane at The Possible  Canine has wonderful classes and is a professional who can help formulate cooked and raw  diets for the healthy and sick.

Main points:
I am not a nutritionist. Please do not share this video. Feel free to reach out if you have any  questions. ​savannahwelna@gmail.com​ or FB.

You should only watch this video if you have done the beginning part of the road map. The NRC guidelines are really only a small part of the picture. But they are needed. But you must know about nutrients, ingredient quality, and your own pet.