Dog Recipes

Professionally Formulated Recipes for Adult, Healthy Dogs.

What makes Raw Fed & Nerdy different from “internet” recipes?

Raw Fed & Nerdy provides a recipe database designed to seamlessly integrate into Raw Fed & Nerdy Formulation Sheet (both pack and single). Continuing to provide high-quality content so that owners can provide science-based, individualized nutrition. All recipe use nutrient requirements as a base, but are formulated by professionals who understand nutrient interaction and balance. They do not merely check off nutrient goals. If you are not familiar with Raw Fed & Nerdy’s philosophy, do check out our full course.

These recipes were highly requested by those who have completed the Full Course. If you do not have the Formulation Sheets, you can still add these to other software like Pet Diet Designer or Cronometer.

Downloadable recipes also provide access to a professional to modify the recipe easily at a discounted rate.

What is the difference between these recipes and a personal formulation by a professional?

A professional formulation allows for extensive customization. A professional formulation allows for the professional to get to know both you and your dog for the most precise feeding. These are needed for dogs that have extremely specific nutrient requirements and/or health conditions OR for those seeking the most optimal way of feeding. These highly requested recipes are great for those working through the Full Course. They also meet nutrient requirements with the understanding of nutrient interactions and balance.

As we add more to the database, ability to sort by fiber level, ingredient, macronutrient distribution, energy density etc. will be added. Some filter options are already built.


Nutritional Transparency

When selecting a recipe, we provide:

  • Kcal Information- dogs have varying energy requirements- even if they weigh the same.
  • Ingredient Information- Full list so that you can ensure that all ingredients are tolerated.
  • Macronutrient Distribution (including fiber)- Like calories, dogs have different preference to macronutrient needs. Some dogs need less fat, more fat,  more fiber, less fiber, etc. This information is available prior to purchase.
  • Weight of Dog- Each recipe is formulated according to the dog’s weight. (Healthy weight pets only).
  • Contact information for the person who formulated it.

We provide some of the most in-depth nutrient information compared to commercial food as you will get the specific breakdown of each nutrient in the formulation and the ability to modify the formulation-  this service allows for seamless integration into our RFN Formulation Sheet.

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