What Does Raw Fed & Nerdy Spend Money On?

It is not unusual to hear that Raw Fed & Nerdy is in it in it for the money. However, the vast majority of content is available for free and free content is added constantly.

Our premium content consists of the formulation sheets and the digital videos. While we have a merchandise store, profit is not really made off of it so that prices can be as affordable as possible. The annual costs will continue to increase as further tools and features, both paid and free, are added.

USD on Hosting Services

USD on Technical Integrations (Such as securing digital content)

USD on Course Related Content

USD Total

How does Raw Fed & Nerdy Pay For These Services?

The first year of operation Raw Fed & Nerdy was primarily funded by Savannah and several generous donors from members and the admin team.

The second year Raw Fed & Nerdy kept 10-15% of the sales from the Formulation Sheet. Raw Fed & Nerdy

For the first time ever, Raw Fed & Nerdy made a net gain of $400 without accounting for any integrations needed in the next month.

Who Gets The Money?

Money has consistently gone towards supporting Raw Fed & Nerdy. Funds have gone towards paying current bills or purchasing integrations that allow for new tools and services.

What Work Is Required to Keep Raw Fed & Nerdy Functioning?

Outside of managing the Facebook group, the following requires constant time and attention:

  • Managing pricing on the physical merchandise as often times manufacturers increase their pricing and Raw Fed & Nerdy loses money if pricing is not kept up-to-date. This takes a significant amount of time
  • Helping users who are experiencing various technical issues on the website- this can include forgetting logins to the course and helping those in countries where payment gateways are blocked.
  • Course Management- Continually updating links, helping students working through the course (in email), directing students to continuing learning, managing the course and integrations that come with it.
  • Sheet Management- Combined effort among a small part of the admin team to manage hundreds of sheet users who may need help in many different areas- instances of sheets breaking from user error, authorization help, and general use help
  • Technical set-up- Any time anything new is released, it takes a tremendous amount of work. An example from the pack formulation release: Importing coupons that match order numbers for the customer loyalty program, working on automation (We need an automated process that tracks who purchased the single sheet or the pack sheet), adding users to group, fixing add-ons, making custom changes for customers (such as those with more than 5 dogs), and much more.
  • General Website Work- Sometimes things need to be updated. Sometimes they break after they are updated. Both Raw Fed & Nerdy Websites require constant work.
  • Email Support- the same support supplied in the group but for the vast amount of people who wish to communicate privately through the website.

Raw Fed & Nerdy does not use advertisements on the website so that users have an ad-free experience.

Raw Fed & Nerdy is happy to support and host digital content from other creators.


Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN

Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN is a canine nutrition professional and owner & Founder of Feed Thy Dog and Raw Fed & Nerdy. She believes that nutrition plays a major role in health and is an advocate for fresh food diets. You can read more about her at https://rawfedandnerdy.com/about