Eat Like Your Pet

Balanced meal planning for individuals and families with unique nutritional needs. Generate shopping lists and supplement charts. Works for all diet types.

$60 one time purchase. Lifetime access.

Created by Jenny Ryoo.

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Highly requested from members in the Raw Fed & Nerdy Human Support Group. Raw Fed & Nerdy pet owners highly value targeted nutrition. Many have formulated for their own pets and have come to appreciate the power of individualized nutrition. Many are looking for a quicker, easier way to audit their diet in a format that is familiar. ELYP was developed using feature request from members and is different from other meal trackers as it allows the user to meal prep for more than one person at a time. Because this sheet is hosted using Google Drive, the sheet is browser based and crazy fast!

Go Beyond the Basics

Athletic Nutrition

Modify macronutrient goals to meet your goals. Easily increase protein requirements, energy requirements, and much more! Using macronstax or other macronutrient planner? Easily adjust your goals to be fluid with other nutrition tools

Consider Genetics

Input your methylation score from Chris Masterjohn, PhD and nutrient goals will automatically adjust. Whether you can or cannot convert beta-carotene or need preformed fatty acids, all nutrient goals can be entirely custom.

All Diet Types

Whether you are an omnivore, vegan, or carnivore, nutrient goals can be customized with helpful suggestions so that you are eating the best for your diet type.

Meal Planning for Individuals & Family

Create recipes in the recipe builder and add servings and other ingredients to the meal planner. Easily audit diets over time or on a daily basis. Each nutrient profile is tailored to the individual. 

supplement Chart + Grocery list

A shopping list and supplement chart is automatically generated after crafting your menu! Full nutrient analysis is also provided. 

Rooted in science


Based on US NIH requirements


Suitable for adults, young adults, teenagers, and children.


Suitable for pregnancy and lactation.


Ability to add custom foods and recipes.


Access to future resources.

Whole food nutrient series, supplement forms guide, and much more slated for late 2020.

*Always work with a qualified healthcare practitioner before making any diet changes.

Step 1

Purchase ELYP using the link below. You must enter your GMAIL into the customer information field even if your paypal email is different.

Step 2

Check your email. Please check spam! This email will provide you the link to access your spreadsheet and the instructional video for use.

Step 3

Enjoy! Join us on Facebook at “Raw Fed & Nerdy Human Support Group” for discussion and goal motivation!