Please use this myth busting form to request more information as a detailed post (either in RFN or added to the website).

Submissions will be sent to the professional team and answered by a professional at their discretion. Please link directly to any references made, or email after form submission to with the subject title MYTH BUST REQUEST.

The goal of this form is to prevent posts that require more time and attention from sitting in the approval bin until a professional is available to respond, as well as to increase the quality of response. Many of the questions submitted are ones that come up often and/or would benefit others. Creating a permanent space for these responses is of benefit to all.

“Is it true that protein sources needed to be rotated in a dog suffering from IBD?”
“Can I mix kibble and raw together, or do they need to be spaced out?”
“I read an article (insert link) that claims X and Y. Is this true?”

Not every post request can be answered due to the large volume of posts. Also, requests that are extremely specific to their animal that require a private consultation will not be addressed. Thank you for respecting the valuable, donated time of professionals serving RFN members.

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