Raw Fed & Nerdy Pack Formulation Sheet

Created by Jenny Ryoo | $40


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Introducing Raw Fed & Nerdy’s Pack Formulation Sheet. Formulate for multiple adult cats and dogs on the cloud based tool Google Sheets. The Formulation Sheet is packed full of useful features with input directly from formulators in Raw Fed & Nerdy and includes things like raw meaty bone values.

This differs from our original single formulation sheet.

Read on for more information.

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Compatible with Mac, Windows, and More.

The Raw Fed & Nerdy Formulation sheet utilizes Google Sheets. Google Sheets is FREE and is browser based. Note: At this time, the experience is not best set up for mobile users.

More Control & View Over Nutrient Targets

Custom set calorie goals, macronutrient goals (including fiber), and optimize for black hair color.

Raw Meaty Bone Values Built In

Note: Values estimated.


Easy Food & Supplement Import

Add supplements and foods quickly and easily. No annoying food wizard seen in Pet Diet Designer. Some popular supplements built in. *Always check to make sure values match the most recent information from the supplement label in ANY program.

Cloud Based

Formulate and view recipes on the go- don’t be limited to any single device. Sheets utilizes cloud based technology. Note: Internet connection required initially. Google Drive does have an offline editing mode for times without internet.


Batch Recipe Maker & Analysis

A simpler and easier way to make batch recipes built right into the recipe maker sheet. See total nutrient levels in the recipe as well as macronutrient distribution by calories and by dry matter basis.


Access to Updates

Receive updates and information right to your email.

Easier Recipe Help

Built in guide for information on how to submit recipes to the RFN Facebook group for peer feedback.


  • You MUST purchase this using your gmail email. If you do not have one, you MUST create a gmail. It is free. You must enter your Gmail address into the billing email field at checkout.

  • Internet connection initially (Note: Google drive does have an offline mode that can be added).


  • Current user interface not recommended for mobile users.


  • For adult healthy dogs and cats only. Not for growing animals. This program utilizes adult animal nutrient requirements only. Consult a professional for growing animals or animals with health conditions.

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