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Raw Fed & Nerdy Pack Formulation Sheet

$50 USD

The Raw Fed & Nerdy Pack Formulation sheet is like no other formulation product available. Formulate for multiple adult pets at once. The Pack Formulation sheet uses NRC, FEDIAF, and AAFCO guidelines for each pet. Make one formulation for your cats or dogs and ensure that the formulation is meeting their unique nutrient requirements. This product uses Google Sheets and works on any desktop device that can access Google Sheets. You MUST add your gmail to the billing field at checkout.

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I’ve been using this sheet since it was released and it has become an essential part of my day to day work. I use it in my day to day veterinary to audit and formulate diets, and more recently it has also become an invaluable tool for teaching other veterinary professionals and owners how to formulate diets safely to recognized nutrient standards. A superb and versatile science based sheet!

Dr. Charlotte Gray

MA hons Vet MB MRCVS, Companion Nutrition

NRC, FEDIAF, and AAFCO Nutrient Requirements

Compare recipes using any set of nutrient requirements, including NRC or FEDIAF for homemade and AAFCO for commercial analysis. Create one base formulation and see the nutrient analysis vs. each pet’s nutrient requirements all on one screen!

Unlimited Amount of Cooked and Raw Recipes, Pets, & Ingredients

Create as many recipes as you want for as many pets as you want. Comes with hundreds of commonly used ingredients. New ingredients can be added quickly and easily using the RFN add-on. No need to manually type in nutrient analysis from the USDA database. This formulation sheet can be used with adult diets, including those with a PMR or BARF base.

Personalize Nutrient Goals with Feedback

Create custom fiber, calorie, and macronutrient goals. Direct control over bioavailability settings to account for nutrients with higher or lower bioavailability depending on ingredient selection. Submit formulations to the RFN community and receive feedback from experienced professionals and pet owners.

Who is this for?

Suitable for making one batch recipe for multiple healthy dogs (of the same or varying weights). For example, making a base batch of meat, organs,  mineral supplements, plant mater with a fresh food chart of whole bones,  eggs, individualized supplements and how much of the batch each pet needs per day.

For clowders, if you plan on creating recipes that will be completely ground and mixed together, the Single/Standard Sheet would suffice. If you plan on feeding chunks, such as whole prey, RMBs, or other fresh foods daily or in rotation, the Pack Sheet would be helpful

Packs must be able to eat the same energy density, ingredients, macronutrient distributions for pack formulations to work successfully. A couch potato and an athlete will not be able to share the same base formulation. 

Export your formulations to create batch shopping & prep lists. Printable, detailed full nutrient analysis and guidelines. Perfect for sharing with your veterinarian and keeping a detailed nutrient history for your pet.

Print out the feeding chart for your pack to make feeding time organized and easy.

Shopping list and batch recipes


  • You MUST purchase this using your gmail email. If you do not have one, you MUST create a gmail. It is free. You must enter your Gmail address into the billing email field at checkout.
  • Internet connection initially (Note: Google drive does have an offline mode that can be added).
  • Current user interface not recommended for mobile users.
  • For adult healthy dogs and cats only. Not for growing animals. This program utilizes adult animal nutrient requirements only. Please see our other formulation products for growth formulations.

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