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RAW FED AND NERDY was created in response to the growing concern regarding the lack of nutritional guidelines being considered when raw feeding. Raw Fed and Nerdy is science based raw feeding. RFN is primarily a Facebook Group Community for those feeding raw and wishing to collaborate with other raw feeders utilizing specific nutritional guidelines of dogs and cats, and venture away from pop-cultural raw feeding guidelines and hardcore ratio antics. Raw feeders using nutrient guidelines face unique challenges. As a community driven group, we bring together science based sources for nutritional excellency. Raw Fed and Nerdy also provides education in cooked, homemade diets and education in commercial food selection.

All admins are enrolled in or have taken pet nutrition courses and actively work in science based raw feeding.

We are a small, motivated, community driven, and well researched group.

Educational Courses

Raw Fed & Nerdy Full Course

The free original Raw Fed & Nerdy Full Course. Build a strong foundation in companion animal nutrition. Type in any price starting at $0.

Canine Formulation Course

This course builds on the foundations in nutritional science covered in the Full Course, taking nutritional theory to practical formulation strategies.
puppy raw feeding

Puppy Formulation Course

Formulation course + sheet that helps advanced formulators to create balanced, fresh food puppy diets. Quiz must be passed to enroll.

Professional Formulation

Learn to formulate for different kinds of dogs professionally through the cert. PCF course. Hands-on, advanced applied canine nutrition.

Vet, Help! Videos & Bundles

Ranging from liver disease to itchy dogs, these videos by Dr. Gray help pet owners navigate many different conditions. Single or bundled videos.

Formulation Products

RFN Single Formulation Sheet

The original Raw Fed & Nerdy Formulation sheet. Formulate unlimited balanced raw and cooked formulations for dogs and cats. Thousands of copies sold. Used by active nutrition & veterinarian professionals, as well as pet owners.

RFN Pack Formulation Sheet

The Pack Formulation sheet is like no other formulation product available. Formulate for multiple adult pets at once. Make one formulation for your cats or dogs and ensure that the formulation is meeting their unique nutrient requirements

puppy raw feeding

Puppy Formulation Sheet

RFN Puppy Formulation video course and formulation sheet helps advanced formulators to create balanced, fresh food puppy diets. Quiz must be passed to enroll. Access to private FB group included with sheet purchase.

Digital Canine & Feline Formulations

PSST! Care about human nutrition?

Now introducing a side project for members of the Raw Fed & Nerdy Human Support group on Facebook: ELYP. Eat Like Your Pet. Formulation sheet for humans! Check out ELYP over here!

Freebies for all


New Members Start Here

Please take the time to read about us, rules, and frequently asked questions. Then follow the steps to begin learning to raw feed using nutrient requirements.

Full Course

The Official Raw Fed & Nerdy Full Course provides in-depth education surrounding raw and cooked diets for dogs and cats. Now available for $0 and up (“Name Your Price”). Click here.

Quick Start | Learn to Feed Raw

This is a quick start guide to get adjusted to using nutrient requirements. Click here.

Get Help

If you would like to request a free one-on-one Q and A with Savannah Welna, click here.


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