Raw Fed and Nerdy Audited Canine Formulation Course


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A scientific and practical guide for formulating raw, cooked and pack recipes.
Built on the nutrition science foundations taught in the RFN Full Course.

The RFN Introduction to Formulation Course teaches you how to analyze, select and combine ingredients together to build a recipe based on your dog’s specific nutritional requirements. This course builds on the foundations in nutrition science covered in the Full Course, taking nutritional theory to practical formulation strategies.

Learn how to set up nutritional goals outside of basic nutrient requirements, how to assess and select ingredients based on their nutrient strengths and weaknesses, and the ideal way to build a recipe from the ground up. Several formulation example videos are included, which review different types of formulations - raw, cooked, pack, low calorie, single ingredient - from start to finish.

This is the audited version of the course and does not includes graded quizzes or assignments.
If you purchased an audited course but want to switch to a graded course, please contact Jenny (jenny@bettercellsnutrition.com). There are limited spots for certificate (graded) students available.

We recommend you take both this and the Full Course to benefit fully from each course. Please note that this is an introductory course and may not be sufficient for those interested in pursuing professional nutrition consulting.

RFN Sheet Setup from Start to Finish

This course is designed around the RFN Sheet and includes tips for setting up your Pet Profile, bioavailability settings, and even creating estimations for ratio grinds in the RFN Sheet.

Variety of Formulations

This course is a practical guide for formulating a variety of diets, including those for raw or cooked, weight loss or allergy diets and for sport/working dogs and seniors. With this course, you will be able to confidently tackle new types of formulations and build recipes that are complete and balanced.

Common Concerns for Homemade Diets

Are you worried about adding variety? How many supplements does an NRC recipe need? What nutrients should be considered for sport dogs, seniors, elimination and allergy diets? What about feeding partial homemade (raw or cooked) and kibble?

This course reviews each of these topics and discusses practical applications for formulation strategy. It will address myths in the raw feeding and home cooked world, and how to navigate topics like carbs and yeast and accurately assess allergies with nutrition science rather than urban myths.

Financial Assistance Available

The purpose of RFN is to provide accessible nutrition education for everyone. For those who may need financial assistance, there is a scholarship program.

Scholarships are only available for audited courses. For more information, please contact Jenny (jenny@bettercellsnutrition.com)

Course Overview



Unit 1: Setting Formulation Goals


  • Energy Goals
  • Macronutrient and Fiber Goals
  • Other Formulation Goals
  • Setting up the RFN Sheet: Pet Profile
  • Quiz (Not available in audit version)

Unit 2: Formulation Order


  • Base Ingredients
  • Raw Meaty Bones
  • Nutrient Boosting Ingredients
  • Plant Matter and Supplements
  • RFN Sheet: Building Your Recipe
  • Quiz (Not available in audit version)

Unit 3: Additional Formulation Thoughts


  • Variety
  • Supplements vs whole foods
  • Health and Life Stage requirements
  • Pack Recipes
  • Toppers Recipes

Unit 4: Formulation Examples


  • Example 1: Raw Recipe
  • Example 2: Cooked Recipe
  • Example 3: Single Protein (Pork) Recipe
  • Example 4: Low Calorie Recipe (Senior Friendly)
  • Example 5: Pack Recipe
  • Example 6: Balancing 80/10/10 Blend
  • Assignment (Not available in the audit version)



  • Appendix A: Adjusting RFN Sheet for Very High Energy Dogs
  • Appendix B: Common NRC Ingredients
  • Appendix C: Fish with Thiaminase

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course teach me how to formulate for puppies, kittens or clinical conditions like kidney disease, IBD, etc?

No. This is an introductory canine formulation course and only covers diets for proactive (healthy) adult dogs. We offer a separate course and RFN Sheet for puppy growth, available here. We also recommend advanced courses such as the Canine and Feline Nutrition course at SIU for advanced therapeutic diets.

Is there a cat formulation course?

Not at this time but it is in the works.

Is there a deadline?

If you are auditing the course, there is no deadline and the course material is available to you as long as you need.

If you are taking the certificate (graded) course, there is a 1 year deadline to complete assignments. After 1 year, you will still have access to the course materials but you will not be able to submit assignments for grading.

Do I need to use the RFN Sheet?

While this course is written and tailored specifically to the RFN Sheet, you can use any diet auditing tool or software you like. The formulation concepts covered in this course are universal, and the course will teach you formulation strategies that are not limited to a specific tool.