Raw Fed and Nerdy Puppy Nutrition Learning Module

$85 (Includes Learning Module)

Introducing Raw Fed & Nerdy’s Puppy Formulation Sheet. Formulate for puppies using the cloud based tool Google Sheets. The Formulation Sheet is packed full of useful features with input directly from formulators in Raw Fed & Nerdy.

As always, the formulation tool is based in nutrition science utilizing nutrient guidelines.

A special thank you to the Raw Fed & Nerdy mod team for the combined work on this project. A special thank you to Jenny Ryoo of Better Cells, Dr. Charley Gray of The RAW Vet, and Anh Pham.

This product works for puppies, not adults. Homemade puppy diets using cooked or raw foods utilizing the sheet built and ran with Google Sheets.

You will NOT be able to add the items to your cart if your exam is not passed.

How It Works

Formulating for puppies requires a strong foundation in canine nutrition. While we could release the product in a way that allows unlimited access, we stand by Raw Fed & Nerdy's values and promote safe and sound formulations. While the sheets meant to address adult feeding are available to everybody, we have decided to implement a process which helps us make sure that the puppy tool is used by those who have spent the required time learning and practicing formulation. This is for the protection and health of our companions.


Submit Free Exam

Enroll in the course linked below and submit the exam. The exam is not meant to provide any trick questions, but instead is straight-forward. The goal is to provide insight as to whether the individual has put in the work by learning through this website and other courses which will prepare the individual to learn more about puppy formulation. You can retake the exam by emailing savannah@feedthydog.com



After you receive your grade, you will now have access to the puppy course and sheet for purchase. The sheet and video cannot be purchased seperately and access is automatically granted for purchase when the individual receives a passing mark on their exam. The exam course is a prerequisite to the puppy products. Click the purchase button below if you have passed the initial pre-test. The product is $85



After purchase, you will receive several items in your inbox. PLEASE check spam! The email after purhcase will be emailed to your gmail account. This email will have links to the puppy formulation sheet, video, product manual, instructions on activating your sheet and a link to the private FB group. This should arrive within 5 minutes of purchase. Please email savannah@feedthydog.com if it does not arrive. Please check spam before emailing.

Your email labeled IMPORTANT from RFN will contain links to authorize your product as well as video instructions.

What You Get

Video Seminar by Dr. Charley Gray

The Raw Fed & Nerdy Puppy Formulation Sheet comes with a  video module created and taught by The RAW Vet- deep diving into puppy formulation and feeding. Available with lifetime access.

Offical RFN Puppy Formulation Sheet

The cloud-based formulation sheet was designed by active professionals with the most advanced and innovative formulation tools specifically for growth diets.

Access To Private facebook group

Access to a smaller, more private Facebook group for those specifically working with growth diets allows for more direct support and guidance moderated by professionals.