Raw Fed and Nerdy Sheet Premium Report

BEFORE YOU BUY: This product only works with the Raw Fed & Nerdy Formulation Sheet. It is an add-on product for those who are buying or currently own the Formulation Sheet.


The RFN Sheet Premium Reports adds several new features to enable easier, faster recipe analysis.

– Separate ingredient lists into 4 different categories for easier prep and shopping
– Cooked to raw weight conversions (ie determine how much raw ingredient you need for the cooked ingredients in the recipes)
– Combine shopping lists for up to 3 recipes
– Price database for calculating cost of recipes
– Shopping lists based on raw ingredients for cooked recipes

This is only eligible for the single/standard RFN Sheet, not the RFN Pack Sheet.

Setup: You will be added to a Google group with access to the sheet (similar to the RFN Sheet setup). Instead of making a copy of the entire sheet, you will need to copy individual tabs into your copy of the RFN Sheet. This purchase includes detailed instructions for setup. Please review the setup video before purchasing. If you need help setting it up, please purchase the “With Setup” option (can take up to 3 business days).

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