Sold By: Feed Thy Dog

Virtual Help Session


From day one, I have offered free direct help sessions once a week for those who need a little more help getting through course content or for those who want direct help formulating- or just looking for general guidance. I am trying to make my inbox and life a bit more organized and hope that an online booking system will accomplish that. If you don’t see a time listed that works for you, please reach out to me. This service is for those who feed raw or cooked diets with any level of experience or knowledge. This also includes commercial feeders and providers. If you are just starting and have questions, you are more than welcome to book.

If you are local to North Idaho, Eastern Washington, or Helena Montana and want to meet up in person, please contact me through email.

After booking, please email the following to

  • What you hope to achieve in our session
  • What do you need help with? Detailed questions are good!
  • If wanting formulating guidance, don’t forget to add me to your RFN sheet if you are using one:
  • Would you like to use Skype, Google Hangouts, or a regular phone call? Please consider whether a screenshare is needed
  • Please help our time be productive by providing me with what you are wanting to learn. Not knowing what is needed from me during the consult will result in termination of booking.

Please note that these are not consultations as offered through Feed Thy Dog. This session is not meant to replace my professional diet formulation services. This is not a tech support service for the formulation sheets.

Please try to limit sessions to one 1/2 hour. Please ask before booking again if sessions appear limited.

This service is subject to change after I go back to EWU for summer quarter