Build a foundation in companion animal nutrition. This course is the recommended course before the canine diet formulation course.

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This course contains instructions on how to formulate a diet for canines. If you would like to persue a more in-depth formulation course, please see our Canine Formulation Courses. Our formulation course is meant to be taken after the Full Course.

This course is available without any price. You can pay as much as you can, even if that is $0. If you are able to provide support, you are welcome to type in any amount. Thank you so much

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  • A quick reference formulation guide
  • A quick reference grams and ounces guide (grams to ounces to pounds)
  • A quick reference for how much popular food items weigh
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group where I will prioritize responses over the regular RFN group. I will be in both, however!

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This course provides you with recommended reading from Small Animal Clinical Nutrition (Free) and Canine and Feline Nutrition. You can find those here.

It is also constantly updated. That means as I learn more, I will edit lessons. I also am adding to the advanced formulation section. Other sections that are scheduled to be added include content surrounding how to choose supplements (forms and quality), therapeutic conditions, and more.

This course provides primarily information for dogs- but much of the information can be applied to cats. Please check in the RFN group regarding feline nutrition when going through the course.

I am also in the process of working on videos and voice recordings to accommodate all learners.

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Course Overview

Unit 1: Introduction
  • Popular Approaches to Raw Feeding
  • Issues With Various Approaches to Raw Feeding
  • A Nutritional Approach to Raw Feeding
  • Raw vs. Cooked Common Raw Feeding Myths
  • Introduction to Feline Nutrition
Unit 2: Raw Feeding Risks
  • Proper Food Handling + Sanitation
  • Bacteria
  • Raw Bones
Unit 3: Water & Energy
  • Water (Changes in a raw diet)
  • What is Energy in Food?
  • How Much Energy Does My Pet Need?
  • Video Lesson
  • Recommended Reading
Unit 4: Digestion
  • Introduction to Canine Digestive System
  • Recommended Reading
Unit 5 Macronutrients
  • Introduction to Macronutrients
  • Protein and Amino Acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats & Fatty Acids
  • Recommended Reading
Unit 6: Micronutrients
  • Introduction to Micronutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Interactions
  • Recommended Reading
Unit 7: Ingredients & Further Nutrient Reading
  • Carbohydrates and Fiber
  • Protein Sources and Taurine
  • Vitamin D and Food Sources
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E Recommended Mini Course
  • Fatty Acid Sources
  • Liver
  • Zinc and Ingredients
  • Raw Meaty Bones for Cats
  • Raw Meaty Bones for Dogs (And other ways to provide calcium)
Unit 8: Your Pet's Nutrient Needs
  • NRC- Metabolic weight and Per 1000 Kcal


This course contains instructions on how to formulate a diet for canines. If you would like to persue a more in-depth formulation course, please see our Canine Formulation Courses. Our formulation course is meant to be taken after the Full Course.
Unit 9: Recipe Formulation
  • Tools To Formulate A Recipe
  • RFN Formulation Guide
  • 5 Common Mistakes NRC Feeders Make When Formulating
Unit 10: Advanced Formulation
  • Weight-loss diets
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Senior Dog Nutrition
  • Pancreatitis
  • Elimination DIets

Understand Beyond 80/10/10

Understand beyond “dogs need liver.” Stop questioning whether your formulations are providing enough vitamin A or Copper or any other nutrient. With this course, you can confidently know that your your pet is being provided balanced and optimal nutrition.

You are still able to feed 80/10/10- but this course will help you understand how to make sure every essential nutrient is there.

A Knowledgeable Community

Raw Fed & Nerdy is full of nutrition nerds- ranging from veterinarians, nutrition professionals, to everyday pet owners.

This course will allow you to participate ona  deeper level in conversations surrounding nutrition science.

Share your formulations and get more detailed and in-depth feedback.

One Of A Kind

The only name your price type of course which allows financial barriers to be removed. It is also updated with new content and adjustments.

The majority of online courses for raw feeding focus only on ingredients (feed this much liver or this much kidney) without providing the pet owner with the knowledge and tools to more specifically feed their pets.

This course is useful for seasoned feeders or those who are brand new to feeding.

For ALL Feeding Methods

Feeding Cooked? Feeding PMR? Feeding BARF? It doesn’t matter! Learn the nutrient requirements for your pet and adjust whichever method your prefer to fit your pet’s needs.

Stop wondering if you need to add eggs or fish or supplements. Learn the function of nutrients and where to find them.

Is this course for puppies or kittens?
We strongly recommend your learn the basics of nutrition science before trying puppy or kitten formulation. The course provides this foundation- but it does not cover the intricacies of puppy or kitten diets.
Is this self-paced?
This course is 100% online and self-paced. You can reach out to Savannah if you are local for in-person help.
Do I need a desktop or laptop?
This course is mobile responsive and will work on tablets, desktops, and phones.
Is this offered as a book?
Not yet, but soon. The book will be a separate purchase entirely with other information not included in the course.


Savannah Welna created the group after being inspired by professionals in the field and a recognized need for raw feeding groups based on nutrition science. She wants you to know that it is through the encouragement of many others that RFN was created in the first place. Savannah highly values the entire admin team and the wonderful members who make RFN the fantastic resource that is is.

Savannah recognizes that meat, bones, and organs build the foundation for many healthy animals. She heavily values the use of traditional whole foods.



Southern Illinois University Canine & Feline Nutrition

Certificate Canine and Feline Nutrition including hands-on clinical formulations.


Advanced Canine Nutrition (Cert. ACN)

Certificate Advanced Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute (Includes Cert. CN)


Advanced Canine Fitness (Cert. ACF)

Certificate Advanced Canine Fitness- Companion Animal Sciences Institute (Includes Cert. CF)

Foundations in Herbal Medicine

Foundations in Herbal Medicine- Medicine Lodge Ranch with Dr. Low Dog

See More
  • Organic Chemistry Helena College
  • Biochemistry Helena College
  • Associate of Arts Montana State University
  • Canine Studies (Oxford Learning College)
  • Canine Anatomy and Physiology (Etraining for Dogs)
  • Canine Aanatomy and Physiology (Canine Principles)