Vets Who Feed Fresh

Featuring Dr. Charley Gray

The RAW Vet


In this series, Raw Fed & Nerdy would like to feature outstanding professionals in the companion animal field.

Today we are excited to feature a fantastic member in the Raw Fed & Nerdy community, Dr. Charley Gray at The RAW Vet. The RAW Vet provides complete and balanced food while ethically sourcing all ingredients- packaged utilizing eco-friendly materials. She also provides individualized formulation when your pets have special needs. The RAW Vet also provides other services- including the Check My Diet service- an essential to any homemade diet not yet audited.

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Locals- Check out the raw feeding seminar with The RAW Vet. 7pm, Thursday 21st March. A fantastic opprotunity to hear about how a properly formulated raw diet can benefit the well-being of dogs. Check out the flyer for more details.




Our complete RAW diets and ethical raw components will be available from 2019. We will be sticking to our ethics using free range, wild and grass fed meat and completely compostable containers. We want to feed our pets as responsibly as we feed ourselves.

Most importantly – our complete diets are what they say on the tub – complete. They are accurately formulated to conform to FEDIAF guidelines in EVERY complete tub.

I (Charley) am dedicated to education and nutrition in RAW feeding. With so many benefits to a well balanced raw diet, and as a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS), I am committed to keeping abreast of and contributing to continued research into RAW feeding. We will try our best to keep you updated!

The RAW Vet’s work can be found here. They also have a Facebook group which you can join here. 

Thank you for being an oustanding member in Raw Fed & Nerdy and an exceptional companion animal professional! We love and support our veterinarians! 


Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN

Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN is a canine nutrition professional and owner & Founder of Feed Thy Dog and Raw Fed & Nerdy. She believes that nutrition plays a major role in health and is an advocate for fresh food diets. You can read more about her at